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About Kirk

Kirk Worked in the telephony field for about 20 Years. Specializing in the Nortel Networks products. Kirk's career blossomed in 2010 when he started as a Subject Matter Expert and Application Design Specialist for the Nortel phone systems at Bell Canada. After the crash of Nortel his position quickly dried up at Bell and he moved from company to company holding onto his Nortel certification for a few more years. Around 2014 Kirk finally called it quits and went off on his own and started a web design company called Southcoast Website Design. Kirk still loves designing and building websites and use this passion to make a living today.

Kirk has always had this feeling that the world we live in is getting to large and to complicated. I know it seems like a funny thing to say, coming from a guy that makes his living off of technology. This website and the move that Jessica and Kirk are doing is about a simpler life. One filled with learning, self discovery and many many rewards.

About Jessica

Jessica's passion has always been training dogs. She is a certified dog trainer and had the ideal job as the head instructor at a K9 boarding and training facility in Waterford, Ontario. When Jessica and Kirk decided to move to a new town and start a new life, dog training was always in the back of her mind. With dreams of starting a homestead fresh in thier minds the dream quickly included adding a kennerl on the homestead as well as launching a new business to train dogs in our new town. From there Forever Pawsitive K9 Acadamy was born.

Jessica Loves small towns and this new step gives her the perfect setting to live as a producer and not a consumer. Along with running her own training business, Jessica loves to work in the garden, make soaps and lotions and keep the homestead running like a well oiled machine.

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